2017 Board of Directors, photo: Katte Geneta

Board of Directors

Eleven Academy members are elected to serve on the board of directors for terms of three years. The Board is comprised of the President, three Vice-Presidents for Art, three Vice-Presidents for Literature, two Vice-Presidents for Music, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The board appoints members to serve on committees and hires the Executive Director. Current board members are listed below.



Yehudi Wyner, 2015-2018

Vice Presidents for Art

Henry N. Cobb, 2017-2020

Yvonne Jacquette, 2016-2019

Dorothea Rockburne, 2015-2018

Vice Presidents for Literature

Kwame Anthony Appiah, 2016-2019

Jorie Graham, 2016-2019

Lorrie Moore, 2015-2018

Vice Presidents for Music

Tobias Picker, 2017-2020

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, 2015-2018


Calvin Trillin, 2015-2018


Fred Lerdahl, 2015-2018

Executive Director

Cody Upton