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Paul Cadmus

By George Tooker

I first met Paul in 1944 at the Art Students League. I was a monitor of the Reginald Marsh class. Paul and Bridget Bate Chisholm would come on Saturdays to draw the model. They were both radiant, beautiful and glamorous. I fell in love with both of them.

As I later got to know Paul, I found he was a wise and kind teacher and friend. His gentle and generous guidance led a young painter to self-discovery. I am deeply grateful to him. He is a role model in many ways.

Paul was a brilliant artist. His range was enormous: from beautiful lyric pictures to trenchantly satirical ones—done with his keen eye and skilled hand. He was astounding. No one has ever drawn more eloquently.

Finally his most beautiful and powerful drawings were done with the inspiration and love of Jon Andersson. We are grateful to both Paul and Jon for their collaboration in these magnificent works which will survive us all. These wonderful drawings will remain as a beacon and inspiration to future generations when we are gone.

Read at the Academy Dinner Meeting on November 14, 2000.

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